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The Day I Decided To Get Rid Of Most Of My Stuff

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  1. Loved hearing how the process was transforming for you! Decluttering is definitely addictive and beneficial. The best way to declutter is to be more discerning with what comes in. I like Marie Kondo’s questions but maybe ask more about the purpose at the point of purchase than whether it sparks joy – the euphoria of joy sparked by something new in the moment can quickly be replaced when the clutter begins to accumulate.

    1. Kat says:

      Thanks for reading! And yes, totally agree. I haven’t really gone into it here (as it’s a whooole other story) but my clutter accumulation was the result of a few rough years in my earlier twenties… and because of the financial investment in the “stuff” I was never able to let go of a lot of it (it made me feel sick!). I don’t shop like that anymore – I’m much more purpose driven, but until I got rid of the clutter, couldn’t even tell what I truly needed to shop for because it was all so overwhelming! 🙂

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