12WC Week 2: Good Intentions, Decisions and Consequences

Let’s call this “educational” week since I learnt a few lessons about…

– How good intentions are nothing without action
– Why every decision you make has a consequence (positive or negative)
– And the importance of making the gym your happy place!


Music credit: bensound.com

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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for these updates, so completely relatable. This week was my week to get back into clean eating and exercising…….I managed the clean eating…not so much the exercising. Completely agree with you that the days you feel least like going are the days that you are so glad you did. I have realised that I am not going to go to the gym in the evening after work, so the morning is my time to shine, so no more snoozing for me…..so love your; is the taking me closer or further away from my goals an easy check in. Thanks!

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