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The Beginning Of A New Chapter: Hello 30s!

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my mug on here and I was in a hurry to head off to my birthday escape, so here’s a quick video update for you!

Can’t be bothered watching? Here’s the highlights version:

– 30 Days / 30 Lessons begins April 1st. Follow here or by subscribing on YouTube

– The next phase of the closet detox, this time heading into capsule wardrobe land with guidance from The Curated Closet

– Once I’ve got my wardrobe together, I’ve got a big photo shoot lined up + will be sharing more daily outfit advice via Instagram

– I’m moving to Melbourne and downsizing in the process. As in, ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO!” – will, of course, be sharing the journey. Guaranteed to be painful (but entertaining… for you).


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