Kat Elizabeth, Writer

Hi, I’m Kat, creator of Sure, Why Not!

I’m a writer (well, copywriter by trade), actor and singer who dabbles in photography. I recently had an early(ish) life crisis leading up to my 29th birthday. One year left of my twenties and what do I have to show for my life so far? A Facebook account full of people I barely know and a wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit me?? Depressing! But I digress.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of seeing a newsfeed full of Hollywood gossip and selfies that are “filtered” within an inch of their lives.

We’re forced to compare ourselves to stuff that isn’t even real, and it pulls focus from the fact that our real lives are way more beautiful than the plastic ones we’re seeing. We’re being tricked into thinking that we need “more” to be happy!

This got me thinking about what would truly make my life (and everybody else’s lives) better and more meaningful.

What could we be doing that would mean we’re “making every day count”? And whether it was a stroke of genius or simply a mix of birthday-related panic and working-til-2am exhaustion, I decided to start a blog in the hopes of answering that very question.

It’s called Sure, Why Not? because I want to encourage my readers (that’s you!) to stop looking for reasons not to try things and start giving them a go. What things?

Style. Adventure. Health & Fitness. World changing.

Whatever makes you feel alive. I want you to stop and smell the roses, find beauty in the little things and appreciate the real day-to-day moments you’re experiencing… instead of just waiting for “big events” and the perfect photo ops you’ll get to share to Facebook to make everyone jealous.

Through video, photography, words, and all things creative, I want to create something that resembles real life. Beautiful, but not over-polished. Inspirational, but achievable. Not telling people that they need to become another Beyonce or Oprah to live an amazing life… but that they can live it with exactly what they’ve already got!

So, here it is. Whether you want to watch quietly from the sidelines or feel like getting involved, I really appreciate you being here.

– Kat           


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