Oh hey there!

Thanks for stopping by.

I created this blog because there’s a serious lack of positive, non-celebrity related content on the internet and I wanted to do something about it. I also feel like life’s moving in fast forward and I want to find a way to slow it down and make every moment count for something. I’d be honoured if you’d join me on my mission! Thanks & happy reading. – Kat


I love fashion but...

Fashion blogs and magazines tend to depress me rather than inspire me. With all those leggy size 4 models wearing crazy expensive clothes they didn’t have to pay for… and those photos. I mean, do all of their partners just happen to be professional photographers?! I’m more interested in real fashion for real people. Affordable. Flattering. Unique. Not just trend-driven and label-obsessed. Anyone else with me?


What are we all so scared of?

Getting older turned me into a scaredy cat/party pooper. Whether it was because I was too afraid, too tired, too busy or too broke, I always seemed to have an excuse NOT to do something. ‘Til I realised that if I kept it up, I’d wake up at 70 having not done anything. So I decided to start saying, “Sure, why not?” instead of “No, I shouldn’t…” and it’s going pretty well so far! Wanna give it a try?


Life moves fast.

Scarily fast.

…And yet for some reason, we’re more obsessed with comparing ours lives to our friends’ “perfect” Facebook lives than actually doing something special with our own. Enough’s enough! We have a limited amount of time on this crazy ol‘ planet and I think that if we made the effort, we could do something big. Whether you wanna change the world or just your own neighbourhood, it all starts with you. Let’s do something awesome!